Frequently asked questions

Do we make gluten free or vegan cupcakes?

Unfortunately, we haven't ventured into making and selling gluten free or vegan cupcakes but hope to in the future. There are great bakeries in Grand Rapids and Holland that do sell both gluten free and vegan cupcakes.

Do we deliver cupcakes directly to the student's dorm room or apartment?

We have to abide by the university's delivery rules. For Calvin University: We can deliver to the dorm's front desk, the Theta-Epsilon front desk for all KE apartments, or the Campus Involvement Office for pickup orders. For Hope College: We can deliver to Campus Print and Mail Services, where the student can then pick up their package.

Can I buy cupcakes for an event and not just a 4-pack?

Yes! We can bake cupcakes for larger events. Please contact us at to get more information.